Why SimCorp Sofia

An authoritative solution for all major Italian insurance groups and asset management companies

Stay ahead in today’s international financial markets

SimCorp Sofia supports the entire process of decision making, administration, evaluation and control of investments within the insurance industry.

SimCorp Sofia is an integrated and modular solution, which provides intelligent and customized workflows across your entire organization. The configuration of SimCorp Sofia is highly flexible and provides a set of solutions specifically designed for your business, based on your technical and managerial needs.

You’ll benefit from a unique solution that includes:

  • A software platform that keeps current with the latest insurance market evolutions, delivered to you in free-load upgrades
  • A flexible product, which performs seamlessly for large and complex business structures, as well as for smaller organizational structures
  • The ability to delegate technological and process expertise to a highly qualified, strategic partner
  • A skilled team of product experts and process analysts available every day to help you realize the full advantages of the system