Education and Training

Training courses and consulting sessions available for users who wish to improve their level of knowledge regarding SimCorp Sofia.

The activities of Education and Training are here to meet the needs of SimCorp Sofia users to face the evolution of the program over time.


For users who wish to improve their level of knowledge regarding SimCorp Sofia training courses and consulting sessions are available. Training courses can cover the entire range of topics regarding the main areas of SimCorp Sofia; tailor-made training sessions can be easily arranged to suit your requests. The contents of the courses are continuously updated and the training sessions are conducted by consultants with a high level of expertise. Training courses can take place either at the premises of SimCorp Italiana, or at your premises.


SimCorp Italiana documents all the changes and the new features contained in any new SimCorp Sofia release with a dedicated newsletter, which is published together with the release on our website. All newsletters are published in the Customer Area section of the website, which can be accessed upon registration.

Newsletters are also available from the main screen of SimCorp Sofia or by selecting the item “News” in the main menu, soon after each release.


All the manuals dedicated to the various modules of SimCorp Sofia can be found in the Customer Area of the website and are accessible directly from SimCorp Sofia thanks to the on-line help function (F1).