Get full support in your day-to-day activities

SimCorp Sofia’s professional services help you get the full value from your installation.

The product experts and process analysts of SimCorp Sofia are available to help you get the most value from your installation. The services available are consisting of Application Service Provider (ASP), Business Services (BS), and Education and Training.

SimCorp Sofia Online - Free up your resources

Take advantage of a highly qualified, strategic partner in the delivery of ASP and BS services.

SimCorp Sofia Online represents an opportunity for all users who wish to delegate processes and technological tasks to a highly qualified, strategic partner whose focused expertise allows the delivery of ASP and BS.

The high-level of competence acquired in both the processes and systems environments means that the you can benefit from the reliability and continuity of the services provided with an advantageous cost to benefits ratio. The offer of SimCorp Sofia Online is composed of the following services:


  • Facility Management
  • Application Management – SimCorp Sofia
  • Application Management – Scheduler
  • Application Management – Order Routing
  • Validation and Test


  • SimCorp Sofia Decision Support System
  • NAV calculation
  • Data references and market data database
  • Portfolios’ updating
  • Data Quality
  • Securities Accounting
  • Users’ profiles