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SimCorp Italiana S.r.l.

SimCorp Italiana is a leading provider of investment and portfolio management software for the Italian insurance market based on the SimCorp Sofia platform.

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1983 - the beginning

SimCorp Italiana was born in 1983 as a generalist software house. It was originally named APL Italiana referring to the language of programming that, as were the intentions of the company founders, would be the main development instrument of the company.

The 80's - the company takes its first steps

In collaboration with Pirelli Informatica came the development in 1986 of the first application for portfolios asset management.

In 1987 were underwritten trade agreements for the distribution in Italy of APL language interpreters and statistical software.

In 1989, starting from developments in financial applications, SimCorp Italiana began the development of the first version of Sofia (an acronym of Software Finanziario APL). Gradually the entire focus of the company would be concentrated on this product.

The 90's - the Sofia project

In 1995 began the development of the first version of Sofia in a Windows environment, commercialized in Italy from 1997. This first version was translated into English and sold to the Scandinavian market from 1995 under the name of GAMA.

The development of the version of Sofia based on Client/Server technology began in 1999. The Client/Server version of Sofia is designed for clients with numerous users or with managerial complexity and has become a great success becoming the reference application for all main Italian insurance groups.


The development of SimCorp Sofia, which has followed and often anticipated market demands, has led to the widening of the range of financial instruments managed and to the integrated cover of the entire investment process: from decisional support to define the investment strategies, to transaction registration in accounting, to regulatory fulfilments, and to the areas of Risk Management and ALM.

SimCorp Italiana has become a point of reference for all the main Italian insurance groups and for asset management companies that have chosen SimCorp Sofia to manage the principal phases that are critical during the investment process.

The Sofia C/S Cluster version has been developed. This version takes advantage of both the power of elaboration and the physical subsystems of access to disks in numerous machines simultaneously in load-balancing mode. In respect to the Client Server version, SimCorp Sofia C/S Cluster is adapted for organizations that need to manage very large databases (> 20 Gbytes) and 50 users or more.

The Training, Application Service Provider and Business Process Outsourcing services represent an opportunity for all clients who wish to take advantage of the expertise, technology and processes of a highly qualified, strategic partner.

In August 2017, APL Italiana was acquired by SimCorp and renamed SimCorp Italiana. As a fully owned subsidiary of SimCorp, SimCorp Italiana will continue to be a leading provider of advanced investment management solutions for the Italian insurance market.