Supported Processes

SimCorp Sofia offers modules for the calculation of the Net Asset Value (NAV) and the price of the Fund Share that represents each investor’s participation in the assets.

Solutions are available for the administration of internal funds linked to unit-linked policies.

Each fund can be articulated in a variety of sections and financial managers when it is desired to monitor the results separately. The environment of SimCorp Sofia dedicated to the calculation of the NAV offers great flexibility:

  • each evaluation can be carried out without distinction on one or more sections. The calculations can be reported on any date and with any frequency
  • the user can define, for each evaluation, the rules regarding the prices and FX rates to use. Furthermore, each element of the fund assets can be evaluated using special rules outlined by the user which prevail over the general rules; that allows the easy evaluation of unlisted securities, derivatives and/or atypical instruments

among the elements of the fund, besides those made up from the financial portfolio, it is possible to register and manage assets and P/L entries, which includes the automatic calculation of:

  • management, custodian and incentive fees
  • personalized over performance fees
  • retrocession of commission amounts on investment funds
  • withholdings taxes
  • other items at the complete discretion of the user, certification and publication expenses
  • general pro rata or cash costs and revenues
  • every evaluation of the assets is equipped with all the analytical information necessary to thoroughly reconstruct the calculation carried out.

SimCorp Sofia modules

The Unit Linked and Pension Fund module allows the calculation of the NAV of Units.

The module includes:

The ledger environment

which supplies the comparison to each calculation result

The register environment

of both the composition and detail, that allows the verification of the constituent elements of the NAV

The module also allows the extraction of the Statement of Accounts, that exposes the main asset and income elements of the management during a specific period. A supplementary service for the NAV calculation is also available.